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Traduction spécialisée pour la mode.

About Fashionable Translation
Fashionable Translation delivers professional translation services from French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese for publishers, museums, fashion houses and media.

We translate books, articles, exhibition catalogues, and website and media content with a meticulous eye for linguistic accuracy, cultural sensitivity, historical perspective, and a thorough knowledge of the technical intricacies of couture and fashion.

Who We Are
We share a passion for fashion, culture and the linguistic challenges of translating a subject that is constantly changing and reinventing itself.

As styles evolve, so does the language that describes it. We are fascinated by the ongoing exchange and borrowing of terms between the Romance Languages and English.

  • Denise R. Jacobs

    Denise R. Jacobs holds an M.A. and M. Phil in French Literature from Columbia University, and has been translating for over 25 years. She has translated over 40 luxury fashion, jewelry and lifestyle books, in addition to a variety of biographies, documentaries, and television news segments.

  • Liza Tripp

    Liza Tripp holds an M. Phil. in French Translation from CUNY Graduate Center, a B.A. in French from Barnard College, and a Certificate in French Translation from New York University, and has been a translator of French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese for over 15 years. Her fashion work includes books, website content, contracts, and litigation-related documents. Liza is also skilled in Computer-Assisted Translation (cloud and software-based) and post-MT editing. She has studied language throughout Europe and South America.

Our Clients
We work on projects of all sizes, from web postings to exhibition catalogues.

Recent collaborations have included a catalogue and accompanying book for the Musée des Arts Décoratifs exhibition, Fashion Forward: 300 Years of Fashion (Rizzoli), and the book for the Martin Margiela retrospective at the Musée Galliéra, Martin Margiela – Women’s Collections –1989-2009 (Rizzoli).

We are active in our field

Presenters at the American Translators Association 60th Conference. What’s an Oversize Cowgirl Total Look: “English” in French Fashion Language and How to Translate It. (October 2019).

Blog post for the French Language Division of the American Translators Association - "Pleats, Pockets and Problems: the Deceptive Ease of Fashion Translation." (2019, March 19).

Presenters at the American Translators Association 59th Conference. Pleats, Pockets, and Problems: the Deceptive Ease of Fashion Translation. (October 2018).

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